Caffè Barbera, the oldest roasting company in Italy with over 150 years of history, does not stop technological progress: to guarantee complete traceability and absolute transparency regarding its supply chain process, it uses, among the first companies in the sector, the technology blockchain, in a completely decentralized way with respect to the entire supply chain. Thanks to the implementation of a decentralized blockchain protocol capable of validating the precious supply chain and demonstrating to our consumers the long journey of coffee, from the plantation to the cup, Caffè Barbera has placed the emphasis on a fundamental aspect: making known to all the positive impact that a policy shared between all players in the supply chain can have on society and the environment The blockchain protocol is entrusted to Trackgood, a New Zealand software house that develops on Algorand and Etherum, is simple to use and allows anyone to view and awareness on the product supply chain, additionally designed to enhance the sustainability of the entire system that contributes to the production of the final product. From now on, by scanning a simple QR Code with your smartphone, on the 'Mixture Clean Cup', 'Shangri-la, 'Blue Baron Java' and 'Ethiopia Sidamo' products, you can discover the places and faces of those who take constantly taking care of the success of the product. Images of the plantation and farmers' profiles, quality certificates, lot numbers, purchase invoices and travel documents will be uploaded by exploiting the potential of a mobile app in which all phases will be shared in real time and in total autonomy of processing, from raw coffee to the cup. Public and certified information, with no possibility of forgery thanks to the adopted blockchain protocol, which will be validated through a cryptographic hash which will confirm its authenticity. In the short future, all the other Caffè Barbera products will each have their own QR Code dedicated to transparency and traceability.