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Certificates & Awards
certiqualityISO 22000 ISO 22000 is the fundamental standard for safety management systems in the agri-food sector.

certiqualityItalian Historic Brand Caffè Barbera, a company founded in 1870 and managed by the Barbera family for 6 generations, has obtained registration in the register of Italian Historic Brands, recognition issued to national manufacturing companies of excellence historically linked to the national territory.

ISO 9001 ISO 9001 certifies that the company quality management system has been recognized as conforming to a standard of excellence.

Fair Trade Fair Trade has the objective of promoting the improvement of the living and working conditions of producers in developing countries.

Direct Trade Direct trade certifies the direct selection of coffee from the plantations, promoting direct contact between the producer and the roaster. This type of relationship guarantees the processing of the best coffee qualities.

Halal In matters of food, hygiene and health, certifying that a product is Halal means that that product complies with the ethical and hygienic-sanitary standards of the law and the doctrine of Islam.

certifications-utz-360w-300x300UTZ Certified UTZ certifies coffee, cocoa and hazelnuts. It values ​​and identifies colonial products on the market, obtained in compliance with environmental and social responsibility requirements .

biologicalLabel Organic Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic foods and other organic agricultural products.