Caffè Barbera, a Neapolitan roasting company founded in 1870, has relied on SolarSicily to increase its sustainable contribution & embrace a ''Green'' production for all its products.

The installation of the new photovoltaic system involved the roof of the factory in optics Industry 4.0. An important step in the direction of sustainability for an already certified company ISO 9001.

The photovoltaic system chosen by Caffè Barbera is made up of 180 panels (450W) of the brand LONGI, 107 optimizers, 2 hybrid inverters (7+7 kWh) and a SolarEdge inverter (66.6 kWh). This plant expects a production of 125,200 kWh (125.2 MWh) of renewable energy per year, the equivalent of 32.05 t. C02 – or 1,472 trees planted. Self-consumption is also foreseen by 49% (61.5 MWh), which will allow the export of over 63.71 MWh of renewable energy in net.

Thanks to this installation, Caffè Barbera is able to satisfy the entire needs of its establishment, becoming a real Eco-sustainable reality, using clean energy from renewable to produce the unmistakable premium blends of the 'Coffee Wizard'’